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Bock Technologies specializes in the engineering, designing, building, and staffing of systems that create broadcast level productions for corporations. We are the solution for your Virtual Set Creative Needs, Digital Events, Virtual Trainings, and Investor Meetings. We can take the equivalent of a small office space and turn it into a multimillion-dollar studio.

Innovative Content Creation

We offer the leading-edge technologies to deliver broadcast quality content and communications to your company’s employees, clients, and customers. With award-winning, realistic, virtual reality graphics and Reality Engine technology, our virtual production studio can elevate a limited space with an unlimited realm of possibilities.

Virtual Interactive Connection

To complement our extremely realistic and lifelike graphics, we have the capabilities and experience to transform your presentations into a live, two-way, interactive conversation. That communication offers unprecedented access for employees to connect and confer in real time.

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We feel our purpose is to lead creative visionary corporations into the future with a focus on Virtual Broadcasting and an innovative two-way training environment. Our tech allows your broadcasts to incorporate cutting-edge virtual sets, music, video, animations, polls, Q&A, graphics, sound effects, and much more. By creating a live studio audience experience from the comfort of your network’s homes, we can bring your operations and productions dreams to reality.

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