the hive,

willow park

The Hive is a youth center at Christ Chapel Bible Church West campus in Willow Park, Texas. Bock Technologies has worked closely with the architect and general contractor to design the best amphitheater, also integrating full Audio, Video, and Lighting systems from the ground up. 


By partnering with L-Acoustics we were able to put together the perfect audio system for the needs of the amphitheater and the rest of the youth center. Some of the key features used in this system include; L-Acoustic ARC series line arrays, 5s front fills, and SB-18 subwoofers all ran by three L-Acoustic LA4X amplifiers. A QSC Q-SYS platform was used to control basic audio controls in the amphitheater, control of Bose freespace environmental speakers throughout the complex, and separate Q-SYS control for inside the youth center. Other key features include DiGiCo SD9, Sure ULXD wireless system and Pivitec personal monitor system.