Taking Training Virtual

An innovation in process and infrastructure for a Fortune 15 company

When you hear “corporate training”, your mind probably thinks of traveling to multiple hours of mandatory attendance in a large conference room lit by fluorescent lights.

Here’s the thing. Our company has developed an innovative solution to this traditional method of training that has proven to save companies time, money, and resources. Our client, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, was spending millions of dollars each year on in-person training. This meant lodging, flights, meals & per diems, and countless hours spent in transit instead of working.
Bock Technologies was hired to help the telecommunications company transition their training operations to a virtual platform — a digital production where employees could log in remotely for a live, two-way, interactive training session. This created an hour or two commitment versus missing one to multiple days of work.

This created an hour or two commitment versus missing one to multiple days of work.

After implementing the new processes, our company was contracted to install the infrastructure, production, staffing and operation of the virtual broadcast-quality production studios.
After introducing the Bock Technologies turnkey solution, the global telecommunications company saved millions within the first three years of training their 230,000 employees, with over 40 million saved in travel expenses alone. To date, over one million student hours have been completed since the training method was implemented.
Employees Trained
$ 0 M
Saved in Travel Expenses
A Nielsen Study showed that through the Bock Technologies infrastructure, these training programs scored some of the highest marks ever recorded for retention rates. The success of this partnership helped create a new business model entirely. With multiple studios now built throughout the country, and the incredible results at scale, Bock Tech has the knowledge, capabilities and the experience to develop turnkey production solutions that bring your dreams to reality.

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